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Not alright, still...

After 4 days this is getting annoying. I made it into work yesterday but didn't last out the day - there's something about virtually everyone one encounters saying 'ooh, you don't look well' that has a habit of reversing any improvements in health one may have been feeling. On top of which sleep is a no-no most nights because of the continuous cough cough cough hack which I'm convinced is waking all the neighbours at regular intervals. Mind you, after waking at 4.30 this morning for the latest ectoplasm generation exercise I reached for the heavy painkillers with caffeine, thinking I'd have no chance of more sleep but they might at least soothe things a bit, swallowed the meds and woke up 3 hours later feeling no twinge whatsoever.

Until I got out of bed anyway, when the coughing started up again. Bet if I try that again tonight it won't work.

Ah, work. I'm making another assault on managing a full day tomorrow - whatever happens I've got the following day off so I shall be brave. And drink about 93 lattes and lots of proper honey and lemon since they do make the throat feel a little better. Theoretically Saturday night is cinema night but I doubt I shall be gracing the pictures this week - not unless I want people throwing things at me for choking over the key bits of dialogue anyway.
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