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Excuse me whilst I bang my head against this wall for a bit

A member of my family will, quite probably, be fired from their job by the end of this week. The employer in question has a list of misdemeanours which includes one that could potentially be enough on its own for the action to become final. The rest are either unjustified (not turning up for work on a day additional to their normal work pattern and about which they had not been informed they were expected to turn up, just asked about the possibility with the query not being followed up), or downright silly. I've directed them to the CAB and stuffed my hand in my mouth to prevent myself screaming because it's just such a ridiculous situation and they, frankly, are not blameless and should definitely have known better. If they were working for my employer this would be a warning, but they're not.


Other than this it's just a matter of waiting for the probably inevitable.
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