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It's been a busy few weeks - refurb at work is under way so I've been running round sorting out changes to building programmes and how these link in with electrical and IT work. It's a lot of fun but leaves me tired, so probably not the best week to have been out late two weeknights in a row for Harry Potter (Tues) and a meal out with a new colleague (Wed)! At home I'm generally either watching one of my Who new series boxsets (up to about haflway through Series 4 now), writing (friended one of my favourite fantasy writers today - Barbara Hambly - having not realised before that she had an LJ - odd thing is I've been rereading bits of the Windrose Chronicles recently, despite my concerns that age is turning me into Seldes Katne rather than the character I'd most like to be, and apparently there's the possibility of a new Antryg Windrose short story online at some point - just a possibility is very exciting, it's only been about 9,000 years since the last book), and generally recovering from the day.

Tomorrow we re-open after two closed weeks, with more closures to come and promote - I confess to being slightly concerned at the knowledge that no matter how hard we've worked to get the condensed library looking clean, ordered and lovely, lots of people will not be happy at having to go upstairs to access everything. I've put together a one-way traffic system for the lift to try and reduce bottlenecking, and the builders have kindly whitewashed interior glass panels to eliminate rubbernecking. It's for less than a month before we move everything back downstairs but will people be happy to bear with us in the meantime?

Swine flu finally struck us this week too - one of my team went off on Tuesday and had the lurgy confirmed on Thursday after the GP wouldn't let them into the surgery. We're more affected by needing to send staffing to other libraries to cover for their illnesses but there's a hope that we won't be hit too hard by this.
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