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So things have been a bit mad as of late...

And where in heck have I been exactly? Not far really. Life in general is split between work, couch (which covers basically TV, writing a little each night, finding something to eat) and sleep - seriously. With a restructure and a refurb going on at the same time I seem to be using half my work hours travelling between meetings and the other half catching up with all the things I'm missing whilst I'm travelling between meetings. Life in the bus lane. I love it - the worry is the refurb finishes in about 2 months and the restructure a couple of months after that. What am I going to do with myself when it's all done?

All caught up with me this week though, I must have been overdoing it. About 3 weeks ago I had a cold - not a major thing, I got away with 1 day off work and some sniffing on the sofa (not literally on the sofa, I did have some tissues to hand, wasn't blowing my nose on my pants or anything). Was left with a slight cough, nothing to worry about, until about 10 days ago when I woke up in the middle of the night thinking someone had set fire to my throat. 3 days of a painful throat later, I took 1 day off to rest and then went back to work on Tuesday. At lunchtime on Tuesday I was brought back home by a colleague spent the morning telling me how bad he thought I looked (gee thanks), and despite several attempts I haven't been back since.

On Wednesday I (a) turned 42 and (b) spent most of the early hours in the bathroom coughin' up greenies. It wasn't until Friday when things actually got worse that I capitulated to the nagging of my family and went to the doctor's. What was most embarrassing to realise was that, having needed a lift to the surgery from my mother so I could make the only appointment they had, I then found myself in with a doctor I'd never met being nagged by both him and my mother for not having looked after myself properly. I left with a prescription for multiple meds, and earrache which has persisted through every family member doing the old 'I told you so's. Grr cough.

So for my birthday I got a halogen oven, some cash and a chest infection. Still, off to Devon next weekend if I can shake some of this, for the first part of Christmas celebrations.

As I haven't updated for quite a while, here's a few extracts from the potted recent history of me:

- Made it to London for a day to meet with a couple of ex-colleagues - the weather was glorious so we spent much of the time wandering slowly down the South Bank and taking in the sights. Walked everywhere, didn't get on a tube until heading back from Tower Bridge, grand total of about 28500 steps on my super-accurate and quite expensive pedometer. Which at least helped to get rid of the calories from the several lattes and nice food we consumed! Had to bite my lip when Frank Skinner walked past us on a corner of Leicester Square, easily the most recognisable 'face' I've seen in public for years. Wanted to say something but didn't think he'd appreciate having attention drawn to him, he was on his way to something far more important than a trio of librarians I imagine.

- We're onto buying lots of furniture in the refurb now, so I'm having fun looking at colour swatches to find what colours clash most horribly and saying 'that one'll do'.

- The mp3 player in my DAB/mp3 has died - I tried reformatting it but now it won't let me save anything to it so now only the radio works. Which is OK, I bought it for the DAB in the first place but it's just annoying not to have the extra function. I've promised myself a giant iPod when I upgrade my iMac in the new year, but until then I'm going to have to get a cheap mp3 to keep me going.

- Off to Devon this week as mentioned previously, in another couple of weeks Maria is coming down from Edinburgh to discover the delights of Birmingham and Worcester. It'll be the weekend before Christmas so I aim to get her completely wassailed and to find ourselves carol singing in the fountain in Chamberlain Square at 3 in the morning.

- My niece managed to run up her family's phone bill by (cough) hundred quid through dialling mobile numbers every time she claimed to be phoning her friends on landlines. We considered selling her into slavery as my sister's family live on a low income and there was no way they could afford to cover this additional amount. So in order to ensure they can continue to have a phone line, guess who's ended up paying it off for them? That's no sweeties for me for a couple of months either. Of course I reminded my sister - after she'd spend a happy evening screaming at her teenage angel - of her own misspent youth when she regularly picked the lock Dad had placed on our old dial phone to stop her spending hours a day on the phone...

- And I've got to buy a new bed. Spending so much time every night waking up to cough and then lying staring at the ceiling has made me very aware I've had my Sealy divan for over 10 years. It's also granted me lots of time to write a list of lots of other things I want to buy - looks as though 2010 is going to be an expensive year!
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