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It's been a while (slight understatement)

Saw The King's Speech today - dashed to the cinema after work and the place was packed with people who were probably all old enough to have heard the real thing at the time it was originally broadcast. It's a thing of beauty and one of those movies that will run and run on BBC 4 until we're all screaming for release.

One of my team at work has a sore ear and a rash. The ear is pretty swollen and looks like she went five rounds with Mike Tyson - we were all very sympathetic when she had to go and get lots of special creams to try and reduce the swelling. The rash is an allergic reaction, very very painful, and again we were most sympathetic. Until the inevitable question.

'What are you allergic to that causes that?'

She sighed and said, 'Hot tubs.'

Apparently it's the chemicals her Dad puts in the one at his house - but you could sense the sympathy draining out of the room. Oh how she must suffer - and yes, we did ask why, if she's allergic, she keeps getting in the damn thing. But it's a hot tub. Who wouldn't?

Postscript to the conversation was a heartfelt 'Oh why can't I be allergic to something people wouldn't make fun of - like peanuts, or asbestos?'

About 100% of the population are probably already allergic to asbestos - or at least intolerant given the horrendous outcome of even a small amount of exposure. Whilst asbestos isn't funny, I just love that she couldn't think of any other allergy that might get her a bit of an 'awwww' to go with her 'owwww'.
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