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What I did 2 weeks ago...

...and have no good reason to have delayed so long uploading other than I forgot to put my pictures onto Flickr. And another chest infection (that's 2 this year).

Walk 6 - Industry and Transport: a Walk along Birmingham's Canals

This was one of the most interesting rambles I've done, simply because I don't get to the canals very often, and this went well off the beaten track to places I didn't even know existed in the city in which I was born. After a nice sit down in Starbucks it was a really pleasant wander on a beautiful day. Biggest surprise - the peace garden; I hadn't even known there had been a church in the vicinity, much less that it had been turned into an oasis in the city centre.

Canals Flickr

When I got home, my trusty pedometer said I’d done this many steps: 13891
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