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Gordon Brown = Harold Saxon? Completely insane conspiracy theory of the week

I posted part of this on rec.arts.drwho a couple of weeks back but events since then are replicating the fiction far too closely for my taste...

Increasingly, I'm convinced the UK is now indeed ruled by Harold Saxon.

Gordon Brown - Gordon's quite a traditional name, like Harold.

Gordon didn't get his position through a fair national election - the support for his potential competitors melted away - Tone wasn't too pleased about that, he must have known something wasn't quite right. Maybe he could hear the drums.

And did you see the media over recent weeks? Gordon offered Paddy Ashdown a place in the Cabinet - Paddy Ashdown who's a LibDem not a Labour man... That Tory bloke who jumped ship to the other side despite many years of claiming the then-Chancellor was a brainless gimp with the political capacity of a chihuahua? I'm sorry, but did anyone else have that pop into their heads when it became clear Saxon's Govt was a multi-party affair?

Saxon tends to wear dark suits with dark ties - on his first broadcast to the nation when the terrorist thingies were going on, Brown chose to wear a black suit with a navy tie, whilst standing in a red room (the same colour as the Cabinet room in Saxon's No. 10. The real Cabinet room is cream so I can only guess one of his advisors watches Doctor Who and arranged it like that for a laugh.

Oh yes - let's not forget that within moments of Brown taking up post the UK was under very real threat from within (the NHS as it turned out).

Need more convincing? Just look at the names. Saxon and Brown - 2 letters the same (o and n), and the other three are respectively next to each other in the alphabet (r and s, a and b, w and x). This can't be an accident - was Russell T. Davies channelling something when he wrote the last couple of episodes of this season?

No? Must just be the insane conspiracy theory in my head then. Just wait until Gordon Brown makes a party political broadcast to announce contact has been made. I've got my running shoes handy.
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