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View from the plinth

So today Gormley's Fourth Plinth project gets underway in Trafalgar Square - watching the first people to get up there, I have to admit I feel envy... And yet I was a contender, for a short time. How come? Because I got selected in the draw for places in August, much to my amazement - the slot being an early morning one on a Sunday (you don't get a choice with when you get to stand up there). I wanted to be up there, I was thrilled I got a slot - and it happened to be one of the few days I couldn't get there.

I don't know how many other people are in this position - having won a place but having to turn it down. Am still quite cross about it. Arse. Arse arse arse arse arse. It doesn't mean I won't get another chance, I'm still in the draw for September and October and my feeling is, if I'm meant to be up there, I'll be up there. A mate has promised to put me up in the city so I can get up when the time comes, if, indeed, it comes again.

What would I plan to do up there for an hour? Not sure. I might want to take some pics. I might take a chair and sit and write for an hour. Or take my mp3 player up with me and just listen to a mix of all the chunes I love from the time when London belonged to me and I to London. Maybe all three...

Meanwhile, work is mental so time at home for anything is limited, I'm focusing on relaxing and keeping the brain in gear. Yahoo Messenger has upgraded and won't let me in unless I go through the website (arse again). And I've got so many photos to upload from my recent holiday, with neither time nor inclination to go through them. Ah me. And arse.
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