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Trusty pedometer rides again!!

Although I still walk regularly, it’s been a while since I did a ‘programmed’ walk - a route someone else put together. In truth it’s been tricky trying to get routes that are manageable for Sundays (the one day I’m pretty much guaranteed to have to myself each week), and which I can get to on public transport. In getting back into the exploring habit I’ve been scouring travel books and even joined the Ramblers, though only to get the magazine and free book, the pictures of the local Rambler groups were frankly a bit scary. But anyway - now have a more local walks guide in hand:

Wilks, John. Walks through history: Birmingham. Derby: Breedon Books Publishing, 2008. ISBN 978-1-85983-611-8

And this morning I headed off to do the first, and least appetising, route in the book...

Walk 1 - Digbeth: the early beginnings of modern Birmingham

Now. There are few places I’ve been where I don’t feel comfortable on my own (and bearing in mind I’ve lived and worked in a few pretty rough bits of London including discovering I was literally around the corner from an IRA bomb depository just as I was about to move to the other side of the City. I don’t like Digbeth and very rarely venture far down that way unaccompanied - I can skip happily around the Sing Fat Chinese supermarket gathering armfuls of ramen noodles but that’s about my limit. So it wasn’t with the happiest of hearts that I set off down Digbeth with new Canon Ixus in my pocket and guidebook in my bag. Not wanting to advertise my tourist status I memorised as much of the route as possible in one go so I only had to drag the map out a few times. It was a good move since I found myself incongruous amongst a crowd of blokes heading for the pub before the football, and it was about halfway round and heading back towards the city before I managed to shake myself free of the crowd.

Very strange how one can find oneself isolated in a back street yet in full sight of the city centre. Once I’d turned off Fazeley Street onto Andover Street, I didn’t see another soul until I was almost at Millennium Point.

Interesting fact - my iMac is now so old even Flickr no longer wants to play and upload my images to LiveJournal. So rather than put some lovely photos in here I’m having to resort to putting the relevant images in a set page so the things that caught my eye can at least be seen by someone else’s should they feel like looking.

Digbeth Flickr

When I got home, my trusty pedometer said I’d done this many steps: 10411

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Oi! I was around today. Next time perhaps, know some fab places around there :)
Digbeth? Fab places? Sorry, does not compute. Even on the one occasion I made it as far as the Custard Factory, the flipping place was closed. The only thing that raises my spirits is passing a Starbucks and recognising civilisation within...

I lived too long in London didn't I.