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Welcome Arthur

Two weeks from walk to posting again - this is becoming a bad habit. Though in this case my reason for neglecting to upload was that on the way home I got a phone call about a sofabed I was saving up for which had been found half price about 120 miles away. In sorting out payment and getting the sofabed here and the old sofa expunged everything else went out of my head for a day or two. Anyway, yay new sofabed! I've named it Arthur (in honour of very cute Doctor Who actor Arthur Darvill) and got it some nice cushions so it'll feel loved in spite of spending most of its time with my bum parked on it.

Walk 5 - Religion and Retailing in Birmingham: a walk from the Bull Ring to St. Chad's

The weather was utterly glorious and I had cash in hand too, so sue me for choosing a path that would bring me back right into the heart of the shops :-) This walk started well but having passed the Children's Hospital it went a bit grim to be honest. Slightly lost my way around the bit heading down to St. Chad's and wasn't that impressed by the recommended route to get back up to Snow Hill under Big Grey Scary Underpass. I must be getting weak-minded in my old age, never had this problem striding around London at night! Still don't have the confidence in Birmingham that I have in London, in fact I'm thinking of taking a week out to revisit my old haunts later this year.

Religion and Retailing Flickr

When I got home, my trusty pedometer said I’d done this many steps: 11163

NB - can't leave this post without giving my own cheesey mention to the hellishly sad passing this week of Elisabeth Sladen, lovely Sarah Jane Smith as millions knew her. The web has been vibrating with more posts and tributes from fans of all ages than I can remember seeing for anyone - some of the posts from children have been heartbreaking. I'm glad Ms Sladen made her decision not to say anything of her illness though - bravery and dignity to the fore, she focused on doing as much as she could to entertain her audience as long as she could, and that's a wonderful thing. Absolutely no apologies for quoting Garth Brooks here - 'I'm glad I didn't know the way it all would end, the way it all would go; Our lives are better left to chance - I could've missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance.' RIP Mistress...
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